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Discover the full potential of your school's data

Our Purpose

At Apex Data Solutions our purpose is to make data accessible and understandable, enabling schools to make data-driven decisions. We provide comprehensive data analytics reports to empower all educators to quickly and easily access, understand and utilise educational data. Our reports will make the data more accessible and comprehensible, so that teachers can feel confident in understanding and using the data for the benefit of their students, faculties and schools. We believe that data-driven decisions can drastically improve educational outcomes, and we are committed to helping schools make the most of their data through our educational data analysis packages.

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Client Testimonials

"The NAPLAN analysis provided by Apex Data Solutions is extremely thorough and practical. Staff are now confident using the report to make data-informed decisions. I do not hesitate recommending this service to all schools!"

Educational Data Analysis

Angelo Stasos

Principal of Kingsgrove North High School


"Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking"

Kenichi Ohmae

Organisational Theorist and Former Professor and Dean of UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

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